We are offering a free Form To Email and Form To Database service. You can now turn your boring forms to quick, easy and well presented forms. This allows you to automate your data collection processes, reduce input errors and saves you lots of valuable time.

The service is secure, quick and efficient. It is the same as someone printing a Word or PDF form from your website or worse still you having to post the form to them, then completing the form, scan or post the form to you and you will have to scan it to your archives or manually type the information.

Well now you can reduce all those processes to a click of a button.


How It Works

  • User completes the form on your website.
  • Your receive the completed form to your email (you can choose format).
  • User gets automatic confirmation of the information they have sent to you.
  • Information can be automatically saved to your database, exported to excel or saved to your archive.

Depending on your hosting package and CMS users can upload attachments (cv’s, passport copies, certificates etc). The service automatically validates the form on submission to minimise any input errors. You can also specify required/compulsory fields which must be completed.

Using other integration tools, you can build reports, sms notifications and connect to other online services.


  • PHP 5.4 or higher
  • Access to website admin area
  • Joomla, Kentico, WordPress, Drupal, HTML, SharePoint, Mambo, IBM Watson website

To request your forms to be created please complete the form below. You can attach a Word template with the required fields and layouts.

Enquiry Form

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